Until Tomorrow by Annie Kelly (Flirting with Trouble #2)


27282629Carson Tucker only has one thing on her mind: getting her life back on track and pursuing her teaching career. She can’t afford to be distracted, yet no amount of good sense can compel her keep her mind—or eyes—off the brooding and mysterious Wyatt Sands. She agreed to be his tutor and help him finish his degree, but now she’s wishing she could inspire him in more ways than one…

He makes her want to break all the rules…

Still reeling from the tragic accident that took his best friend’s life and left him wheelchair-bound, all Wyatt Sands wants to do is forge ahead without any attachments. His solitary lifestyle works well until the after-hours sessions between him and his tutor turn hot and steamy. As the chemistry between them fuels a passion that is too electrifying to be denied, will Carson be able to break down the barriers that Wyatt has erected around himself—or will their fiery passion burn them both?


Like many romance readers I have trope catnip (marriage of convenience!  a bantering couple!) and trope poison (secret babies, Navy SEALs).  Until Tomorrow has none of my catnip… but none of my poison, either.  I was going to pass it by until I saw that Wyatt is in a wheelchair.  A hero that’s disabled, the rarest of the rare!  I’ll have some of that, please.

“But wait”, I can hear you say, “isn’t that guy on the cover standing?” Continue reading “Until Tomorrow by Annie Kelly (Flirting with Trouble #2)”