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It is wonderful how much may be done
if we are always doing.

– Thomas Jefferson

I’m Kazen, an American living in Japan and a medical interpreter, helping patients that don’t speak Japanese communicate with their doctors.  I love my job – interpreting is the best brain candy ever – and it doesn’t hurt that I have lots of reading time on my commute!

I enjoy all kinds of books and blog equally about fiction, non-fiction, and romance.  Favorites include fun/quirky literary fiction, urban fantasy, non-fiction about ideas and events, medical non-fiction, and historical romance.  I especially love reading own voices and works in translation.

Here are all the places you can find me:

email: everalwaysdoing〔at〕gmail〔dot〕com
youtube (booktube!): always doing
goodreads: kazen
instagram: everalwaysdoing