Signs of Attraction by Laura Brown


29863612Do you know what hearing loss sounds like? I do. All my life I’ve tried to be like you. I’ve failed.

So I keep it hidden.

But on the day my world crashed down around me, Reed was there. He showed me just how loud and vibrant silence can be, even when I struggled to understand. He’s unlike anyone I’ve ever known. His soulful eyes and strong hands pulled me in before I knew what was happening. And as I saw those hands sign, felt them sparking on me, I knew: imperfect could be perfect.

Reed makes me feel things I’ve never felt. It’s exciting…and terrifying. Because he sees me like no one else has, and I’m afraid of what he’ll find if he looks too closely.

The only thing that scares me more than being with him? Letting him go.


I jumped on this book when I heard it was written by an #ownvoices author. People writing about their own experience for the win!

The first half sucked me in and kept me reading late into the night. I loved watching Carli and Reed fall in love – they make an adorable couple. Reed introduces Carli to the Deaf world, something she never encountered as she grew up hard of hearing with hearing aids, and I cheered for them the entire way.

At around the fifty percent mark the story takes a turn that, if this were a fanfic, I’d call hurt/comfort. One of our pair needs some love to get through something awful, and the other person delivers. I was okay with it.

But then the whole conflict blows up. It goes from an ‘us vs them’ mentality to ‘me vs you’ within the couple, as well as ‘me vs myself’. All the information that gets added from that point on is angsty, from family dysfunction to fighting your own demons to anger at people from your past. Seriously, it’s a lot, and a sharp change from the generally amiable first half.

Props to Brown for writing true to her own experience – I would love to see her write more d/Deaf characters, and for there to be more in the genre as a whole. The medical stuff is done better than in many romances so that’s nice, too. I still have a couple of minor quibbles, but that’s the medical interpreter in me talking.

If you love heartrending stories you’ll be at home, but after the awesome beginning there was too much angst for me.

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