Burning Moon by Jo Watson


23268661WARNING: Being left at the altar in front of 500 wedding guests may lead to irrational behavior, causing you to go on your honeymoon alone. Other side- effects may include very bad hair, getting arrested, setting yourself on fire, landing up on a “Missing Poster” with the same bad hair and unexpectedly falling in love.


I was curious to see what a category new adult would look like, but instead I got a Wattpad new adult story. Not necessarily bad, just not what I was expecting.

The good:

  • The first half reads like a wacky romcom – she ends up on a plane in her bunny slippers! A dress catches fire, requiring immediate dousing! It never made me laugh out loud but it is amusing.
  • I like that the locales are out of the ordinary, with the hero and heroine being from South Africa and travel to Thailand.
  • The stuff you expect in a new adult is here (23 year old heroine, the emotional trauma of being left at the altar, the theme of finding yourself) with a Harlequin Presents twist (hero has mad money, exotic destination).

The neither-here-nor-there:

  • The book is told from a close first person perspective… if that’s not a thing I’m making it one now. We are in Lilly’s head complete with jokes and asides and emotional outbursts. I thought it was tolerable, but your mileage may vary.

The not-so-good:

  • You can tell that this novel was originally told serially – there’s a mental jump between every chapter that can be jarring. It works great when you’re waiting days or a week between installments but squished together in a novel it felt more obvious.
  • The comedy is situational slapstick and disappears as the novel moves on, with no banter or anything to replace it.
  • Suspensions of disbelief are required now and then.
  • Not as much or as explicit sex as I’ve come to expect with new adult. The narrative hovered on the surface or faded to black. And there was no talk of protection, grah.
  • And of course, we have a couple of misunderstandings. Not huge or awful but still.

While Burning Moon was a quick and at times amusing read it didn’t quite do it for me.