Whatever You Like by Maureen Smith (Brand Clan #1)


9068545By day, Lena Morrison is an ambitious grant writer. By night, she’s an escort to some of Chicago’s most successful men. Sex isn’t on the menu—Lena’s job is to provide her elite clients with comanionship and sparkling conversation. She enjoys the extra income, but even more, Lena loves the empowering feeling of being appreciated for her beauty and her brains.

When tycoon Roderick Brand hires Lena as his date for a private party, their electric attraction leads to the most erotic night of her life. Incredible as the experience is, she vows not to mix work and pleasure again. But Roderick is relentless. His irresistible proposal: three weeks fulfilling all his fantasies, in exchange for a million-dollar grant that will guarantee Lena a major promotion.

Lena can play that game. She’ll give him the hottest, wildest sex he’s ever had, then she’ll walk away, leaving him aching for more. But when it comes to desire, rules—and hearts— are easily broken. And the best-laid plans have a way of working out in ways neither could expect….


This book starts well enough – classy escort falls for a super sexy client who happens to be an energy magnate. Sparks fly, she manages to (mostly) stick to her principles, they have hot sex. All well and good… until they jet off to Tokyo.

I almost wailed, “Nooooo!” Japan is so hard to get right, and having lived here for the better part of a decade every mistake sticks out. And wow, there are a bunch. Flowers symbolizing death decorate their hotel room. One of the stickiest snacks ever is used as a “finger food”. Tea ceremony is done with plain ol’ sencha (simple green tea) and called an acquired taste (the correct tea is matcha). They take the bullet train for short hops around town, which is impossible because as a long distance train the stations are few and far between. Many-layered kimonos slip off with a shrug.

And then their whole relationship turns on one candid photo. GRAH! So while the beginning was okay this ended up a one star read for me. I feel kind of bad about it – if the trip to Japan was mentioned in the cover copy I wouldn’t have even picked it up. Ah, well.