Deadly Sexy by Beverly Jenkins


1371138Though her Lexus may be broken down on the California freeway, Jessi Teresa Blake is no damsel in distress. Rich, smart, and beautiful, JT, or “Lady Blake,” as she is called, is one of the toughest sports agents around. She’s negotiated megabucks contracts for every superstar in the business, and only the most confident of men can match wits with her. Men like Reese Anthony, the impossibly sexy trucker who gives her a lift back to Oakland.


I don’t read much romantic suspense but I’m up for anything by Jenkins and I’m glad I gave it a try. The bad guy is obvious from the beginning so the suspense is more about seeing what lengths he’ll go to.

The heroine JT is strong and knows herself thoroughly. I love that she doesn’t feel incomplete without a man, to the point that she’s worried falling in love will compromise the life she’s made for herself. Likewise, Reese is happy with how things are going and will only get remarried if he finds the perfect woman. It’s a meeting of equals and it works great.

Both have a lot of money so there’s quite a bit of jet-setting, five star hotel rooms, and condos overlooking the ocean. There is some high priced wooing going on! Some locations are lovingly realized but others seem brushed off. And it may have been me, but a couple of times I could have sworn they were in Oakland but someone says, “Welcome to LA.” It probably won’t bother most people, but as a former Bay resident I had to keep myself from flipping back to see where who went wrong.

Trumping all is the romance as JT and Reese get to know each other bit by bit. They’re a cute couple that you root for from day one. And the fact that the heroine is the descendant of characters from Jenkins’ historical novels? Gold.

Deadly Sexy was a pleasant surprise and a reminder to check in now and then with all kinds of genres. You never know when you’ll find something you’ll like.