Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder (Study #2)


23795140So far, I’ve managed to survive. You would think after being kidnapped as a child, imprisoned in my teens and released to become a poison taster, I would have endured enough. But no. The discovery of my magical abilities – powers forbidden in Ixia – has resulted in an execution order. My only chance is to flee to Sitia, my long-lost birthplace.

But Sitia is unfamiliar. I’m treated like an enemy – even by my own brother. Plus I can’t control my powers. I want to learn about my magic, but there isn’t time. A rogue magician has emerged and I’m targeted as his next victim.

Will my magical abilities save me…or be my downfall?


Magic! New friends and foes! Yea!

The good:

  • More plotty goodness. I feel like the characterization wasn’t as strong as in the first book (more below) but the plot carries you through.
  • We have a new group of people, the Sandseed Clan, with their own political system. With only an oral tradition they’re seen as “primitive” but they’re also mad powerful. Oo.
  • Yelena’s past experience of having no one to depend on but herself affects her decisions in a reasonable, understandable way. It’s hard to change.
  • Well played Commander, well played.

The not-so-good:

  • Valek is reduced to a deus ex machina, jumping out of the shadows when he’s needed. His disguises remind me of Sherlock Holmes in the Mary Russell novels, which is neat and all, but he doesn’t change or grow over the course of the novel.
  • Yelena ditches her guards left and right. It got to be a bit much.
  • I forgot why our main couple got together in the first place, boo. And speaking of love, how is Yelena not pregnant? Is this something I have to “look forward to” (sarcastic quotes) in the next book, or is her magic blocking up her uterus?

Right after reading this book I wanted to give it four stars but I’m going to go with three – very good, but not quite as awesome as the first book in the series.  Corralling the self-discipline to not read book three immediately. ~deep breaths~