Bound to Trust by Jaci Burton (Chains of Love #1)


8238593Several Earth women have disappeared, their trail leading to Xarta, a BDSM planet. Marina, Earth intergalactic investigator, knows that solving this case means a long-awaited promotion. But in order to find the missing women, she’ll have to go undercover as a bondage slave on Xarta, something the strong, capable woman wants no part of.

Kaden is a Dom and a native of Xarta. He’s also an Intergalactic Marshall, sworn to break up the slave trading ring. His job is to take Marina as his submissive and train her while they’re working undercover to expose the slavers and rescue the women.Reluctantly, Marina agrees to act as a submissive, vowing to both herself and to Kaden that her relationship with him is nothing but an act. Until Kaden shows her a side of life that calls to her in ways she didn’t expect.


The day I read this a migraine tried to set its claws into my brain. I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate so I settled in with tea, meds, and the wackiest book I could find. I mean, it’s set on a BDSM planet! An Intergalactic Marshall goes undercover and takes a cop as his sub! I was so ready for some craycray.

Sadly, it’s only cray singular. Our hero is an alien from said planet, though he seems to be completely human (if well endowed). Well-worn tropes abound – a strong woman realizing she likes to submit, dinner in a restaurant with conveniently long tablecloths, “natural” subs and doms, instalove, etc.

The sex scenes are pretty hot, especially if bondage and orgasm denial are your thing. The rest of the BDSM is a grab bag – some spanking, some voyeurism, some slave stuff. I never felt very connected with the characters so the scenes lacked a certain depth.

And to be honest I wanted much more crazy. The BDSM planet was a tropical paradise with sweet fruit and the aliens were simply oddly colored humans. After seeing the cover I was interested in the interracial and perhaps intercultural aspect but it didn’t come up.

While it wasn’t exactly what I wanted Bound to Trust was okay for what it is – a cray (singular) novella.