Sad Suitcase on a Train Platform
Photo by Luke Strange, CC BY 2.0

My husband and I are finally going on our honeymoon, huzzah!  Planning is fun wrapped with worry – did I reserve the right dates?  How much rental car insurance do we need? Are bedbugs really that common now?! – but figuring out what books to bring  is the highlight, hands down.

With my ereader bulk isn’t a problem but there’s always the question of content.  Do I want to try out new authors or stick to my favorites?  Will I have the mental stamina for a long, nuanced read or will I need a gripping plot to keep me interested?

The best solution, of course, is to have a little bit of everything:

  • Something plotty for the plane, preferably the next book in a series I love.  A trans-Pacific flight is perfect for swallowing it whole.
  • Something funny for the plane.  Because, plane.
  • Some plane-adjacent non-fiction for the plane.  Think books written by pilots and cabin attendants or the history of air travel (but not disasters!).
  • Essays that I can dip in and out of, in case my attention wanders or I don’t have much time.
  • A book set in the place I’m traveling to.
  • Something meaty for the day it rains and we’re stuck in the hotel.

What kinds of books do you bring on a trip?  Is there anything I’m missing?